Accommodation in Hakuba Valley

Where to Stay?

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Hakuba Valley stretches 30 km north to south and getting situated in the in the right area can play a big role in the success of your vacation.

We often get requests for Ski In / Ski Out accommodation in Hakuba, to which we always reply “Ski In / Ski Out is generally not the best option in Hakuba”. We say this as Ski In / Ski Out properties are not that common in Hakuba, and those that are can be in poor locations. Remember that Hakuba is a collection of many resorts and for those staying more than a day or two, will probably want to try more than one. If you are staying at a ski in / ski out location on one resort, then it can be quite difficult to get to other resorts unless the operator provides shuttle services. The other issue facing ski in / ski out properties in Hakuba is that it can be difficult to get out for dinner, as traversing over the slopes to get to a road can be dicey in a snow storm or icy day.

We find a better option for Hakuba accommodation is to be in an area with good access to the shuttle system and also walking distance to bars and restaurants.

It pays to remember that, while there is no “downtown” as such, each ski resort has a base area that includes accommodation and dining establishments.

The most central point in Hakuba is the Echoland / Misorano Area. This area is located between Happo One (5 minutes by shuttle) and Hakuba 47 (10 minutes by shuttle). The main street of Echoland plays host to the largest collection of bars and restaurants in the Hakuba Valley. For more information, please visit our Echoland page. The Nagano Snow Shuttle, and our office are located in this area, at Hakuba Base Camp.

The Wadano area, located along the northern side of Happo One Ski Resort, is one of the most popular areas to stay in Hakuba. The lower area of Wadano has the best collection of larger hotels in Hakuba, with the Hakuba Tokyu Hotel, The Mominoki Hotel and the Phoenix Hotel being the hear of the area. Most bars and restaurants in this area are ties in with the hotels and offer some of the best dining in Hakuba, however with the quality also comes a higher price tag. Higher up along the main Wadano road are more hotels, lodges and chalets. The higer you go, the less access you have to wining and dining, and you may be reliant on the good will of your hosts to help get you where you need to be. The Wadano Visitor center in front of the Mominoki Hotel is the main hub for transport in the area, but often you may need to make the trek down to Happo Information Center to get where you need to be. For more info and maps, please see our Wadano page.

Happo and Sanroku are the areas on the central and southern slopes of Happo One Resort. The township of Happo boomed during the Japanese economic bubble in the 70s and 80s. Lodges were so busy they had customers sleeping in the corridors. Sadly, the 90s saw the Japanese winter sport market shrink, a trend that is continuing today. Happo has been slower to open up to the international market, and most development in the area is coming from foreign owned properties. There are a few bars and restaurants in the Happo area, but there is no central area focused on dining. For more inf, please visit our Happo / Sanroku Page.

Hotel Green Plaza HakubaGoryu Ski Resort has a thriving base area, and the resort is one of the more progressive in Hakuba. There are several bars and restaurants scattered around the area. The main disadvantage to staying in the Goryu area is that it can difficult to get to other resorts. Hakuba Valley shuttle do operate out of Escal Plaza, and Iimori base centers, but these cost 500yen per ride unless you have a Hakuba Valley Lift Pass.

Iwatake is gaining in popularity due to the progressive nature of the management. There are a few new lodges targeting the inbound market. While there is a lack of wining and dining options, the area does play host to 2 of the most entertaining locations in Hakuba, The Brew Pub and Shoya Maruhachi (a renovated traditional merchant villa).

For those wanting to be on the slopes at Cortina first thing every morning, a stay at the Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba may be for you. There are also several new lodges in the area, as well as neighboring Norikura. As it is located right at the northern end of Hakuba Valley, getting into central Hakuba can be a challenge, and some taxi fares may be required.

Tsugaike Kogen, the 2nd largest ski area in the Hakuba Valley, has become more popular in recent years. There are several wining and dining options within walking distance, and regular Hakuba Valley Shuttles can make this a good area to stay.